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Resize PDF online! You do not need to install a program to resize a PDF file: simply use this free online service.

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How to resize a PDF online?

  1. Upload your PDF file.
  2. Choose the page size from the dropdown list of common page size standards.
  3. You can also set a custom page size. (optional)
  4. Click on "Start".
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Resize your PDF online
for free and wherever you want

How to Resize your PDF

First: Upload your file from your computer or a cloud or drag and drop it into the field above.

Then: Choose the aspect ratio for your PDF file. We support the most common and widely spread ones.

Now: All you have to do is click on the "Save Changes" button and wait. Your PDF is soon ready for download.

Online PDF File Resizing

We don’t want you to download or install anything!

PDF2Go is an online service. All you need is your file and a stable internet connection. The rest will be done by us.

Why Should I Resize A PDF?

Preparing a PDF for publishing is already a hassle and once you’re done, you find out that you picked the wrong aspect ratio.

You decide about design, content and formatting - leave changing the aspect ratio to us!

Tip: You can also change the file size of your PDF.

Resize PDF Files Safely

Your file’s security is important to us! Thus, we make sure that your file is 100% safe when you upload it to our servers.

For more about copyright, automatic file deletion and file handling check out our privacy policy.

What Files Can Be Resized?

Resize your PDF files with this free online tool. If you upload a file in another format, we will automatically convert it to PDF and the resize it!


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Resizing PDFs Anywhere

When it’s urgent, you don’t want to have to get to your computer first. This is where PDF2Go goes the extra mile:

Upload your PDF file from any browser or device and resize it on the go. Everything is handled online and all you need is an internet connection.

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