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Fix broken PDF files with this online PDF repair tool. Repair PDF files quick and easy by using PDF2Go's powerful toolset.

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How to fix PDF files online?

  1. Upload your PDF file.
  2. Click on "Start".
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Fix PDF File - Online
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PDF File Repair

PDF repair free of costs, this is what you get here on PDF2Go. There are several reasons for why your PDF cannot be opened or viewed, no matter which program or browser you use. We have found a way to fix your PDF file with regard to some of these issues.

Using this PDF repair toolbox is considerably easy. All you have to do is upload your PDF file (cloud storage is also supported) and let us do the magic. Afterwards, simply download your repaired PDF document.

Repair PDF Online

Using PDF2Go to edit and convert PDF files can take a lot of worry from you. With us, you can use PDF repair online. No installation needed, just do it online.

There are several advantages of using an online PDF suite. First of all, it saves space on your hard drive or phone that would be taken up by a program, software, or app. The biggest plus, however, is that you are safer from malware and viruses because you do not have to install anything that could possibly be infected. All you download here is your fixed PDF file.

For Broken PDF Files

Why would you need to fix PDF files?
Sometimes, when sending PDF files, transferring them between systems or computers, or getting them from a hard drive that's a few years old, it can happen that your PDF file gets corrupted. It's also possible that your PDF broke while it was created.

Now, some of the issues that prevent you from opening your PDF file can be fixed! Give it a try - it's completely for free.

Fixing Your PDF Is Safe

If you fix a PDF file, you want to make sure that it's safe. At PDF2Go, we can ease your mind with our elaborate safety measures.

Files from our servers are regularly deleted. Plus, our servers are all protected. And, of course, your PDF document stays your all steps of the way. We neither obtain any rights nor do we manually check your documents. With PDF2Go, you and your files are safe.

Saving Adobe PDF Files

On PDF2Go, we specialized in converting and editing PDF files. Thus, if you try to repair another kind of document, we will first convert to PDF and then run the fix. The file you get back will always be a PDF document though.

What can I repair?

Adobe PDF

Online Fix For PDFs

Our online PDF repair is online for a reason. That way, you can take our PDF repair toolbox anywhere you go!

You are not limited by location. Fix PDF files while on the train or plane, on vacation, from home or work, and basically anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection. Also, you are not limited by device. Tablets, smartphones, desktop computers - you can use them all.

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