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This online PDF converter allows you to convert, e.g., from images or Word document to PDF. Convert all kinds of documents, e-books, spreadsheets, presentations or images to PDF.

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Scanned pages will be images.
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Scanned pages will be converted to text that can be edited.

To get the best results, select all languages that your file contains.

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Fix crooked images.

How to convert to PDF online?

  1. Upload your image or document.
  2. Choose "Use OCR" if you want to extract text from an image (optional).
  3. Choose a language (optional).
  4. Click on "Start".
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Easily Convert To PDF

After uploading your file to PDF2Go via drag & drop, Dropbox, Google Drive or by an upload from your computer, you can choose the conversion method.

If you want to convert to PDF, you will get the option to use OCR. If you have a scanned page or image, you can use OCR to extract text from your file and paste it into the new PDF document. That way, you can easily convert from image to text.

Afterwards, click on "Save Changes" and leave the hard work to us!

Use An Online Converter

If you find a free converter to turn your files into PDF documents, you should always make sure that your computer or mobile device is safe. By using an online converter, you can be sure that you won't have to download and install any suspicious programs.

Say good-bye to worrying about malware, viruses or storage space when converting to PDF. On PDF2Go, you only download your edited file and nothing else.

Why Convert Files To PDF

PDF is a wide-spread and common document format. It's main features are print optimization and a fixed formatting that allows PDFs to look exactly the same on any device.

This is, for many, enough reason to use a free PDF converter to convert from Word to PDF. With OCR, you can even extract text from images, for example if you convert from JPEG to PDF. Simply check the "Use OCR" option in this case.

Conversion That's 100% Safe!

If you have safety concerns you will find them eased. PDF2Go's PDF converter handles your files 100% securely.

We do not obtain the right of your file and there will be no manual checking. After a certain amount of time, the files will be deleted from our servers.

For more information, feel free to have a look at our privacy policy.

Possible Conversions To PDF


DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT and more


AZW, EPUB, MOBI and more


GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG, TIFF and more





Convert To PDF Online

PDF2Go does exactly what the name implies: the online PDF converter works from any device, online, without installation of any additional software. Just use your browser.

Furthermore, PDF2Go provides a free PDF converter. This means there are no costs for you!

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