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Convert PDF to PowerPoint with this easy to use and fast PDF converter. You can convert a PDF to PowerPoint, choosing either PPT or PPTX. Turn your documents into presentation with this online tool.

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How to convert PDF to Powerpoint?

  1. Upload your PDF file.
  2. Choose PowerPoint 2007-2013 (*.pptx) or PowerPoint 2003 or older (*.ppt) from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on "Start".
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Turn Your PDF into PowerPoint

Can you convert a PDF to PowerPoint? Yes, you can! And it's easy!

Upload your PDF via drag & drop, browsing your device, providing a link or uploading it from a cloud storage. Afterwards, choose the PowerPoint format you want; either PPT or PPTX.

Done? Perfect, click on “Save Changes” and let us do what we do best: convert PDF to PowerPoint.

No Registration Needed

On PDF2Go, you don't have to register to use the PDF to PowerPoint converter. You also don't have to install or download anything. The only exception is your converted PPT or PPTX presentation file.

Stay safe from malware, viruses and other threats for your computer and other device.

Create A PowerPoint File

Why would you want to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation? PPT and PPTX files are great for holding a presentation or giving a speech. They underline what you say just perfectly.

Convert information you have gathered in a PDF document and easily create slides for your PowerPoint presentation. All you need now are some transitions and effects!

100% File Safety

We do everything to keep your file safe. Secure upload with SSL, regular deletion of files from our servers, no manual checking and absolutely no changes when it comes to the rights of your documents.

If you still have questions, feel free to check our Privacy Policy.

Possible Presentation Files

Convert any PDF, no matter how many pages or how many images and media is embedded, to create slides. We support the common Microsoft PowerPoint presentation formats.



Mobile PDF Converter

Convert PDF to PPT or PPTX, online and from everywhere. With an online service like PDF2Go, you can easily convert PDF to PowerPoint from home, work or on the go. Even on vacation.

This online service is optimized for mobile usage on your computer, tablet, laptop or even on your phone.

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