The PDF Guide for Students

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A student's life is heavily reliant on documents. Dealing with so many books, notes, and study materials — the majority of which are now available as digital files — can be challenging. Nevertheless, handling digital documents does not have to be difficult at all when using suitable PDF tools. PDFs are particularly important during education. This PDF guide for students explains how they may use the PDF2Go service to manage their PDF documents successfully. Keep on reading and find out all the details. Make your studies more productive!

Why Is PDF The Most Popular File Format

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is one of the world's most widely used file formats. The main reason for this is its versatility and the many advantages it has over other file formats.

One of the most significant advantages of PDFs is their ability to preserve a document's original formatting, regardless of the device or software used to access it. That means a PDF document will look the same on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring consistency and ease of use.

Another advantage worth mentioning is its security feature. PDFs can be password-protected, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information. In general, PDFs are the most popular choice of format for collaboration and sharing information.

Most Useful Online PDF Tools for Students

Edit PDFs

One of the biggest challenges students face when managing their PDFs is the ability to edit them. Whether it is a paper you need to submit for a class or an assignment that you need to annotate, it is essential to have the ability to edit and modify your PDF documents.

Converting a PDF file into a format you can edit usually requires purchasing special software. Copying the material into a Word document takes much, if not all, of the formatting and is a time-consuming task. By using our PDF2Go solutions, such as Edit PDF or PDF to Word, you can save yourself some time and effort.

With the Edit PDF tool, you can make basic changes to PDF documents quickly and easily. Add text, images, shapes, and drawings. Highlight passages, erase parts of the text, add watermarks, and much more. Edit PDFs on any device, wherever you are. A reliable internet connection is all you need!

PDF to Word

Are you often dealing with scanned documents? Instead of containing text, these PDFs contain an image of the scanned content. To edit the text, you will first need to convert the image or scanned PDF to Word. Here is where our PDF to Word tool comes into play! It will quickly convert the PDF file into a Word document allowing you to edit it properly.

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Stay Well Organized

Merge PDFs

This online tool allows students to combine multiple PDFs into a single PDF document. How can students benefit from PDF merging?

In a number of ways:

  • Merge multiple assignments or project documents into a single file, making it easier to submit or share with others.
  • Students can combine several PDF files containing their work, like essays, research papers, or projects, to produce a comprehensive portfolio of their accomplishments.
  • Create a study guide. By merging multiple PDFs containing class notes, articles, or other relevant materials into a single document, make it easier to review and organize the information.

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Split PDFs

Splitting PDFs allows students to divide a single PDF document into multiple smaller ones, each containing a specific set of pages. By splitting your PDF, you can save or share only the pages that are important to you. Separate one page or a whole range of pages from a PDF document.

The Split PDF tool can come in handy on many occasions, including when you want to:

  • Split a PDF of a textbook into separate chapters or sections, making it easier to focus on specific parts of the material.
  • Extract specific pages you need to use in another document or as a reference.
  • Split a PDF containing a syllabus into different sections, such as assignments, exams, and quizzes, or to create a study plan that is easy to follow.
  • Split a PDF containing notes and extract the key information to create custom flashcards for studying, etc.

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Other available tools on, such as – Sort & Delete PDF pages, allow users to rearrange the pages of a PDF document in a specific order and to remove unwanted pages from a PDF. The Rotate PDF tool enables you to rotate your PDF files, make them perfect and save them as new PDF files.

Convert PDFs

At PDF2Go, students can also convert a PDF document into another format, such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, text, or image file.

As already mentioned, converting a PDF document into a format such as Word, allows students to make changes or additions to the document, making it easier to take notes or complete assignments. They can extract data or reuse parts of the document in other projects.

When converting a PDF document into a PowerPoint format, it is easy to create a presentation using the document's content. Find out how to convert a PDF into a PowerPoint Presentation, or how to add a PDF to presentation – either as an object or as an image here.

Compress PDFs

To make a PDF document smaller, use the Compress PDF tool. This can be beneficial to students in many ways.

Particularly when it comes to:

  • Emailing or Uploading: Make it easier to send or upload large documents, such as research papers or assignments, via email or online platforms.
  • Messaging Apps: Students occasionally need to send larger PDFs over messaging services. Compressing a PDF will make it easier to share on any messaging platform.
  • Storing: Compressing a PDF can reduce the amount of storage space needed for a document, making it easier to store multiple documents on a computer or device.

In conclusion

PDF2Go is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone who needs to manage and edit digital documents, specifically PDFs. With its wide range of features and tools, students can easily edit and make changes to their documents, stay organized, save time, and access their PDFs from any device.

With PDF2Go, managing digital documents do not have to be a struggle, and students can stay focused on what is most important – their studies.

PDF2Go For Education

Here at PDF2Go, our goal is to support education around the world by providing access to our paid tools for students and teachers – at no cost.

We understand the growing importance of technology in the classroom and how it can enhance the learning experience. Whether you are a student who needs to convert a file for a project or a teacher who wants to create engaging lesson plans, we are here to help. PDF2Go tools are designed to be accessible and easy to use.

Through our new Education page, students and teachers can easily apply for an educational account. Click on "Get started" and use your school email address. In most cases we can automatically determine your school and apply the free educational premium program. If this does not work, please contact us.

We hope that our educational premium program will make a positive impact. So, if you are a student or teacher, head on over to and start using our PDF tools today!