XPS - XML Paper Specification

What is an XPS file?

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification, a file format developed by Microsoft. XPS files are used for preserving document layout and sharing documents, similar to PDFs. They typically have the .xps file extension.

XPS files contain fixed document content, including text, images, and vector graphics. They are suitable for situations where maintaining the exact layout and appearance of a document is crucial. XPS files are easy to view, share, and print, making them a valuable format for certain applications.

How do I open an XPS file?

You can open XPS files using various applications:

  • Microsoft Reader: Windows 11 and Windows 10 come with Microsoft's built-in Reader app for opening XPS files.
  • Pagemark (Mac): Mac users can use Pagemark to open XPS files.
  • Pagemark XPS Viewer (Web Browsers): Firefox and Safari web browsers can use the Pagemark XPS Viewer plug-in to open XPS files.
  • Pagemark Programs (Linux): Linux users can utilize Pagemark's programs to open XPS files as well.

Additionally, please note that Action Replay game files that use the XPS file extension can be opened with PS2 Save Builder.

How to convert an XPS File?

Converting an XPS file to other formats like PDF, TXT, JPG, or Word is a straightforward process with PDF2GO.

Choose your desired conversion tool, upload your file, click the "START" button to initiate the process. After the conversion is complete, you will receive a link to download the newly formatted file to your computer.

PDF2Go provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for converting XPS files to different formats quickly and easily.

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