DOC - Microsoft Word Binary File Format

What is a DOC file?

A DOC file short for "Document," is a proprietary file format created by Microsoft Word. It serves as the standard format for word processing documents.

DOC files can contain a variety of elements, including text, images, tables, and formatting options. While the newer DOCX format has largely replaced it, DOC files are still compatible with many word processing software applications and can be opened and edited with Microsoft Word, as well as other software that supports the format.

How do I open a DOC file?

Opening a DOC file is simple.

Here's how:

  • Microsoft Word: The most common way is to use Microsoft Word, which natively supports DOC files.
  • Other Word Processors: Many other word processing software, such as Google Docs, LibreOffice Writer, and Apache OpenOffice, can also open DOC files.
  • Text Editors: Basic text editors can open DOC files, but they might not display formatting correctly.

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