DJVU - DjVu image files

What is a DjVu file?

DJVU file is a graphics file format developed by AT&T Labs.

The DJVU file format was primarily designed to store different kinds of scanned documents containing a combination of text, pictures, indexed color images, and line drawings.

This format is very popular due to the high compression ratio of scanned documents. Sometimes the compression ratio is several times higher than in PDF. Due to significant compression and yet high quality of scanned materials, it is often used as the format for scanned eBooks, manuals, newspapers, etc.

Files with the DJVU extensions can be separated into three different kinds of images - background, foreground, and mask image with a higher resolution.

DjVu files can use the .DJVU or the .DJV file extension.

How to open a DJVU file

Here's a small, but not an exhaustive list of programs that can open DJVU documents:

  • DjVuLibre DjView
  • MacDjView Desktop Viewer
  • WinDjView
  • LizardTech Browser Plug-In

DjVu is also supported by a number of multi-format document viewers and e-book reader software on Linux (Okular, Evince, Zathura), Windows (Okular, SumatraPDF), and Android (Document Viewer, FBReader, EBookDroid, PocketBook).

How to convert DJVU files to PDF online

If you do not have any programs installed, in order to open a file with the extension .djvu, you can use the PDF2Go online service, which offers you a quick and easy conversion of a DJVU file into a PDF document.

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