PDF/VT – Variable Transactionprinting

What is a PDF/VT

PDF/VT is a standard for the use of PDF files in variable data and transactional printing.

A PDF/VT file looks just like any other PDF file, with the same icon and .pdf file extension.

What is PDF/VT used for

PDF/VT is widely used in the printing industry to streamline variable data printing processes. It ensures that each print piece can be unique while maintaining the advantages of the PDF format for consistency and reliability.

It also allows for the creation of personalized and customized print materials, such as invoices, statements, and direct mail pieces, using variable data from databases.

Which types of PDF/VT files exist

There are three variations of PDF/VT:

  1. PDF/VT-1: All layout and variable data are embedded in a single file, making it straightforward and self-contained.
  2. PDF/VT-2: The main PDF file can reference external PDF objects, allowing for easier handling of large datasets.
  3. PDF/VT-2s: Supports live streaming, enabling processing of segmented sections of data.

How to view a PDF/VT file

A PDF/VT-1 files can be viewed in Adobe Viewer and Adobe Acrobat.

The individual PDF files of a PDF/VT-2 set can also each be viewed in any PDF viewer.

How to create and edit a PDF/VT file

To create a PDF/VT file, specialized software for variable data printing is required.

PDF editing software that supports the PDF/VT format can also be used for making changes to the file.

For creating and editing a PDF/VT file, you can use the following software:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe InDesign
  • XMPie
  • Callas
  • pdfToolbox, etc.