ODT – an OpenOffice document file format

What is an ODT file

The ".odt" file is an OpenOffice document file. These documents are typically created using programs such as Apache OpenOffice Writer and LibreOffice Writer, word processing programs comparable to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. ODT files are similar to file formats created using Word, such as DOCX and DOC. They contain formatted text, images, links, and page information used to create and print documents.

ODT files are part of the Open Document Format (ODF) standard, also known as OpenDocument. Other ODF file extensions include OpenDocument Sheets (ODS) for spreadsheets and OpenDocument Presentations (ODP) for slide shows. These files are widely compatible with other office suites and are relatively easy to convert to different file types.

How do I open an ODT file

There are several ways to open an ODT file. The best way to open an ODT file and keep all its formatting is to use office applications with native ODF compatibility. These include the Apache OpenOffice package and the LibreOffice package, which are quite similar programs. OpenOffice is owned by Apache and has had development issues, while LibreOffice is open source and is actively maintained. You can learn more about these two desktop programs here.

If you use Microsoft Office, you can also open ODT files using Microsoft Word. With the release of Office 2021, Microsoft has upgraded the package (including Word) to get better support for the latest OpenDocument 1.3 standard.

You can also open OpenDocument files through other office suites with varying degrees of compatibility. Google Docs allows you to open an ODT file as a Google Docs document and edit it directly. Google Docs also allows you to export documents to ODT files. With Microsoft Word Online you can open ODT files online, and you can edit them there as well.

Open ODT files using Corel WordPerfect. If you are using a Mac, you can use the original Mac application LibreOffice or NeoOffice, an offshoot of OpenOffice and LibreOffice specifically developed for macOS. Calligra Suite is the option for Linux.

How to Convert an ODT File

To convert an ODT file without having one of the previously mentioned ODT editors/viewers, the best solution is to use a free online file conversion service – online-convert.com.

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