CBZ - Comic Book Zip Archive

What is a CBZ file?

Similar to CBR files, CBZ files are used for storing digital comic books. However, CBZ files are actually ZIP archive files (.cbz) containing sequential images of comic book pages, typically in formats like JPEG or PNG.

The advantage of CBZ files is that they offer good compression for images while maintaining quality. Many comic book reader applications support the CBZ format.

How do I open a CBZ file?

To open a CBZ file, you have several options depending on your platform and preferences. CBZ files can be viewed using various software and tools.

Dedicated CBZ Readers:

  • CDisplay Ex: This free, open-source comic book reader program supports CBZ files, among other comic book formats. It's user-friendly and popular among comic enthusiasts.
  • CDisplay Reader: This is another free program designed specifically for comic book formats, including CBZ. It offers a straightforward reading experience.

Multi-Format eBook Readers:

  • Calibre: While primarily an eBook management tool, Calibre can also open CBZ files. It's a versatile solution for managing your digital library.
  • Sumatra PDF: This lightweight PDF and eBook reader for Windows can also handle CBZ files. It's fast and efficient.

Platform-Specific Readers:

MComix (Linux): If you are using Linux, MComix is a dedicated comic book reader that can open CBZ files. It provides a native experience for Linux users.

Manual Extraction (All Platforms):

If you prefer to access the individual images or content within a CBZ file, you can manually extract them using file extractor software like 7-Zip. Simply right-click the CBZ file and choose the "Open archive" option. This allows you to access the images and other data within the CBZ file. However, please note that this method might not maintain the correct viewing order of the comic book.