PostScript – Page description language

What is PostScript?

PostScript is a page description language developed by Adobe Systems, widely used in the printing and publishing industry for describing the appearance of a printed page in a device-independent manner. It defines how text, vector graphics, and raster images are rendered and positioned on a page.

Relation to PDFs:

PostScript also plays a significant role in the creation and processing of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. PDFs often contain elements described using the PostScript language, such as vector graphics and text. When a PDF file is printed or viewed, the PostScript instructions are interpreted to produce the final output.

Additionally, PostScript files can be directly converted to PDF format, as PDF is based on PostScript. Furthermore, PostScript files may contain scripts and programmable elements, which PDF files may or may not retain, depending on the conversion process. Understanding PostScript enhances comprehension of its role in the context of PDFs.