PDF2Go Web or Desktop – Which Should I Use?

Take a closer look at the features of both Web and Desktop versions and decide which option is more suitable for you.

The ability to work quickly, efficiently, and in accord with your current environment is a priority when working with PDF documents. For this reason, PDF2Go offers you a Web version and a Desktop application. You can easily convert, edit and manage your PDF files, online and offline.

As you will soon find out, both applications have their characteristics. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of Web and Desktop versions, so you can easily decide which option is more suitable for you. Web or Desktop?

Web vs Desktop

What is the key difference between the two?

The Desktop version is a computer program that can run independently on a computer. To use the desktop application, you must first install it locally.

Our Web application, contrarily to the desktop application, needs an internet connection if you want to use it. No additional installation is necessary, and the user accesses the application using the web browser.

What does the Web version offer?

On the PDF2Go Web version, you will find all the online tools needed for converting, editing, improving, and modifying your PDF files. They are easily accessible at pdf2go.com.

Some of the most popular tools exclusively available on the web include:

What does the Desktop App offer?

Despite the growth in demand for web-based solutions, the desktop usage of our converters can still be preferable. What can you expect from using a PDF2Go Desktop App?

  • It includes PDF converters for turning your PDF to Office document (Word, Excel), and Word to PDF.
  • You can use PDF to Image converter to transform your PDFs into high-quality images (JPG, TIFF, PNG).
  • It includes a PDF to PDF/A converter, and the option to password protect a PDF.
  • The PDF2Go Desktop application is also doubling up as a free PDF Reader and allows you to preview and read your PDFs with ease.
  • It is important to note that by using the Desktop version, you can process an unlimited number of files, without size limits and without needing an internet connection!
  • The desktop app enables you maximum privacy by processing the files on your personal computer.

Simply install the Desktop App for free on your Windows PC and open PDF2Go tools directly from your taskbar.

Which one is a better option for me?

Even nowadays, when the internet signal is available almost everywhere, there are still moments when we are not online or when the network is unavailable. If you find yourself in locations where the Internet is less accessible and the connection stability is poor, you can rely on using Desktop applications to work offline. Therefore, consider what you want from the service.

If accessibility is very important to you, you prefer to modify the document and send it quickly online, or you require the full suite of online tools to get the work done – the Web version is the preferred way to go.

If internet connectivity is a problem, if you need to process heavy PDF tasks or maybe just prefer to do it locally on your personal computer – our Desktop app is the better option.

In the table below, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics for both versions to help you decide which one is the right one.

PDF2Go Desktop PDF2Go Web
No file processing limitations More tools available
Includes PDF Reader Safe and easy to use/No Need for Installation
No Internet connection needed Availability from anywhere with an Internet connection
Converts PDFs to Office documents High speed and data security
Files are processed locally Access web service from all available devices

We suggest: use both Desktop and Web Apps!

The web vs. desktop choice may not be an easy one. The use of the application is determined according to the requirements and nature of the project. The user's environment also plays a role. Even though the Web applications are being extensively used today, we recognize the worth of each version, and we will continue to offer you the best PDF solutions in both formats.

As time has shown, each type of application can be utilized best within its own niche and they will probably continue to coexist in the long run. Ultimately, the functionality between the two is the same, and selecting one option does not necessarily preclude selecting another. You have the opportunity to choose the solutions that are most suitable for you at any given time. So, why not use it?

Are they free to use?

Using PDF2Go, conveniently process your PDF files online, free of charge. However, this comes with some limitations (e.g. file size or the number of files per conversion). When you are working with many files or your conversion and editing needs are much more frequent, please consider – the Premium plan.

Good To Know:

Our Premium subscription, removes all limitations. Going premium enables you: multiple file conversion at once, unlimited use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), unlimited document size, the use of the PDF2Go Desktop version, and much more.

Take a look at our Pricing page and compare features for Free and Premium users!

Are my files safe?

Yes! Your files are absolutely safe using PDF2Go! Even though some users prefer to process the files offline and locally from their devices, users of our online services can be assured that:

We are taking all necessary precautions to protect their files. All files uploaded to our servers are 100% secure.