How to Validate PDF/A Files

Ensure long-term preservation and accessibility of files with PDF/A Validation

PDF/A format is a standardized version of PDF designed specifically for archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents. As PDF/A files are intended to be accessible in the long run, ensuring their validity is of utmost importance. But how can you be sure that your files are compliant with the standard and will stand the test of time? The answer is simple: PDF/A validation.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of validating PDF/A files, and explain the importance of PDF/A validation. You will get a much clearer understanding of how to validate PDF/A files online and ensure their compliance.

When Is PDF/A Validation Necessary

Depending on your business procedures, there are more occasions during a PDF/A's typical life cycle when ISO conformance should be verified.

The most critical instances when PDF/A validation is necessary:

  • After creating a PDF/A file – to ensure that the process was carried out successfully.
  • Before adding a PDF/A to a digital archive.

Validating PDF/A files is also essential when you receive a PDF/A document from a third party to ensure its authenticity, reliability, and compliance. The same applies when sending the PDF/A files or making them available online. By verifying PDF/A conformance at various points during a PDF/A's life cycle, you will ensure its long-term validity and preservation.

How To Validate PDF/A Files Online

PDF2Go provides an online PDF/A validator to help you validate your files whenever needed.

Here's how to validate your PDF/A files:

  1. Select the Validate PDF/A tool.
  2. Upload the file you want to validate.
  3. Select a PDF/A standard.
  4. Click on the "START" button to begin the analysis for compliance with the PDF/A standard.
  5. When the analysis is complete, the validation results will be displayed.

If the file is compliant, you will receive a message confirming that the file conforms to the ISO standard. However, if the PDF/A file is not compliant, the PDF2Go's validation tool will generate a detailed report outlining the issues and errors in the file.

The Validate PDF/A tool provides a user-friendly interface and ensures the highest probability of consistent validation results.

Who Validates The PDF/A Validators

VeraPDF is an open-source PDF/A validation software widely used by organizations and institutions involved in digital preservation. The software uses a combination of syntactic, semantic, and human-level validation techniques to ensure that PDF/A files are compliant with the ISO standard. It generates detailed reports outlining any errors or issues present in the PDF/A file.

PDF2Go uses the VeraPDF validator to ensure the PDF/A files conform to the ISO standards. By relying on VeraPDF for validation, PDF2Go offers a reliable solution for businesses and organizations that require consistent and accurate PDF/A validation.

PDF/A files created with our PDF to PDF/A online tool, are ISO-compliant and they pass Vera PDF validation.

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In Conclusion

Over time, non-compliant PDF/A files can result in data loss, formatting issues, and accessibility problems. Businesses, organizations, and individuals who depend on these files for legal, financial, or archiving purposes may find this especially problematic.

Before archiving or sharing any PDF/A files, ensure they are compliant with the ISO standard. Simply select the file you want to validate and start the process. PDF2Go will do the rest, and your files will remain accessible and usable for many years to come.

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