Sort And Delete PDF Pages with Ease

How to sort and remove pages from PDF

It has never been this easy to sort pages inside a PDF document or to delete pages with information that is no longer relevant. Find out why it is beneficial and how our online tool can be of service!

The problem with PDF files is that, in most cases, you only have the option to view the document. You can usually not edit it, delete certain parts, insert images or, as in this case, sort and remove pages from the PDF.

When modifying a document, you need complete control of every part. You may want to remove pages that are no longer useful or are out of date. Or you may need to sort scanned pages in a more preferable way. You can either waste hours re-creating a document from scratch, or you can use tools to help you sort or delete a page from a PDF within minutes.

Is this idea more appealing to you? Well, keep it in mind because we will show you how to easily remove pages from your PDF and sort them!

How to sort and remove pages from PDF

PDF2GO's Sort and Delete PDF free online tool is created so you can do this task efficiently. It runs in your browser, on any device, no installation required. Check it out below!

Sort and delete PDF pages

  1. Go to the PDF2Go Sort and Delete PDF
  2. Upload a PDF. Drag and drop your file into the yellow box or upload from your hard drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  3. Reorder the pages via drag & drop using the thumbnails.
  4. Click on the red X icon to delete single pages.
  5. By clicking on a thumbnail, you can select multiple pages and rearrange them together.
  6. Sort the pages ascending or descending, or sort for duplex printing by clicking on the respective buttons.
  7. Clicking on "Reset" will reset all changes made since the upload.
  8. Click on "Save as" once you are happy with the preview and confirm to download your rearranged document.

It is worth mentioning that you can use this tool to rotate pages of your document as well. If you have some pages that are accidentally scanned upside down, this option offers a quick fix!

Additional Features

PDF2Go is among the most popular and trusted online PDF softwares. Apart from the Sort and Delete tool, there are well over 20 other free and useful tools for you to explore, including:

  • Compress PDF – reduce the size of your document to a more manageable size
  • Merge PDF – combine more PDF files in the order you find best
  • Split PDF – separate one page or a whole range of pages from your PDF document

Go Pro!

Our services are available and without cost for casual users. However, this comes with some limitations when it comes to, for example, file size or the number of files per conversion.

For users whose conversion and editing needs are much more frequent, there is the possibility to opt for our Premium Plans, which removes all limitations. Going premium enables multiple file conversions at once, unlimited use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), unlimited document size, and an advertisement-free website.

Choose the option that benefits you most and enjoy creating new PDF documents, tailored to suit your own ideas!