PDF2Go Desktop App for Windows

Use our Desktop App and get your work done safely and completely offline.

The PDF2Go Desktop App makes working with PDF documents so much easier. It allows you to process all your files quickly and securely on your local device. This app is perfect for users who frequently need to process multiple documents or people looking for extra security when working with confidential documents.

Let us look into the key features available in this new PDF2Go Desktop application.

Working Offline?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. When uploading files to PDF2Go, you can be sure that your files are encrypted and transferred securely. All servers and connections for the uploading and downloading files are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption. The file privacy is guaranteed because no one else has access to the file except you. PDF2Go does not back up or actively monitor your files: the service is fully automated.

Even though PDF2Go offers PDF tools across its highly secure online platform, in some cases, you might prefer not to upload your documents online at all.

With the PDF2Go Desktop App for Windows, your files are processed locally on your device, and there is no need to upload the files to an online server. You get to process the files quickly while staying offline.

If the Internet is inaccessible, the connection stability is poor, or you only have access to unsecured public Wi-Fi, relying on a Desktop app is crucial to continue working on PDF files.

What Can I Do Using the Desktop App?

PDF2Go Desktop App includes:

  • PDF converters for turning your PDF to Office document (Word, Excel) and Word to PDF.
  • You can use PDF to Image converter to transform your PDFs into high-quality images (JPG, TIFF, PNG).
  • It also includes a PDF to PDF/A converter and the option to password protect a PDF.
  • The PDF2Go Desktop application is doubling up as a free PDF Viewer and allows you to preview and read your PDFs.


After you have uploaded the document and opened it in the PDF Viewer, by clicking on the All Tools button in the upper right corner, you can easily protect it using the Protect PDF tool or convert it to Word, Excel, Image or PDF/A format.

How Can I Get the App?

The app is free to download here. It is compatible with all Windows 7+ systems.

Note that this service is exclusively available to our Premium users. If you want to use it actively, consider opening a Premium account.

Our team has been working hard to give you the desktop version of PDF2Go for Windows. We are focused on creating secure software solutions that will be of great value to our users. It is no different with our newly designed Desktop app. In the foreseeable future, you can expect even more options for offline converting and editing of PDF documents!

Download the Desktop App on your Windows PC today and open your favorite PDF2Go tools directly from the taskbar!