Linearized PDF

Linearized PDF

PDF linearization (also known under the term Fast Web View or PDF optimization) is a process of organizing a PDF file to make it easier to read in a browser. It enables the first page of a PDF file to be available for rapid display before the rest of the PDF file is completely downloaded.

In a linearized PDF, a specific “linear” structure of data is created at the beginning of the document. The data contain references for the first page and for the rest of the objects in the document. As a result, when the document is opened through the web, the first page can be immediately displayed even while the other pages are still downloading.

Linearization is especially useful when accessing large documents from a browser, mobile, desktop, or server application.

How to create a linearized PDF?

One of the best ways to optimize a PDF for the web is to make use of PDF2Go's free online tool. It will help to remove unnecessary objects and compress PDF files containing images. This is a very simple process that should take just a few moments.

  • Open PDF2Go and go to the Optimize PDF For Web converter.
  • Upload the document and click on "Start" to begin optimizing the PDF.
  • And just like that, your PDF is web-viewing ready!

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